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Software testing is a crucial process in the development of software applications to ensure their quality, reliability, and functionality. It involves executing the software with the intention of finding defects or errors and verifying that it meets the specified requirements. There are various types of software testing techniques and methodologies, including:

Unit Testing: It focuses on testing individual components or units of the software to verify their correctness and functionality.

Integration Testing: It tests the interaction between different components or modules to ensure they work together correctly.

System Testing: It tests the entire system as a whole to validate its compliance with functional and non-functional requirements.

Acceptance Testing: It involves testing the software from the end-user’s perspective to determine if it meets the user’s requirements and business needs.

Performance Testing: It assesses the software’s performance under various conditions, such as load testing (testing its response under heavy user loads) or stress testing (testing its stability under extreme conditions).

Security Testing: It focuses on identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the software to ensure it can withstand malicious attacks.

Usability Testing: It evaluates the software’s user-friendliness and ease of use by involving end-users in testing activities.

Regression Testing: It retests modified or updated parts of the software to ensure that changes have not introduced new defects or negatively impacted existing functionality.

Exploratory Testing: It involves simultaneous learning, designing, and executing test cases to discover defects in an ad-hoc manner.

Software Testing Course in Pune